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Bolbitis Plants

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Does anyone know much about Bolbitis Asiatica and Bolbitis Heudelotii?  For some reason I feel drawn to heudelotii specifically and idk why. I don't know much about them. I'm pretty sure they are rhizome plants and don't require high light and they appear to maybe fill a role I haven't found a plant for in my scape. The problem is it's expensive so trying it is a gamble. What I'm looking for is something to make a statement in this back right behind this structure. Instead of what's there now. Tbh, what's there now isn't terrible, it's just very similar to the Amazon sword on the other side. Something with a different texture or color might be better. 



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I know they are one of those plants that don't like my planted tank.  I have done two rounds with Bolbitis Heteroclita.  The first was mislabeled as Heudelotii.  It was in sad shape, so I wasn't expecting much.  The second grew, put out lots of plantlets like a Java Fern, and they all died!

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