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Feeding Raphael Cat

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I recently picked up a 7” Striped Raphael Catfish and he is living in my 90g with a bichir and assortment of New World Cichlids. I’m worried about him getting food, the cichlids are quick eaters and not much gets down to the bottom, and he doesn’t seam to care about moving for what does. I had the same issue with my bichir at first but he is far more active and quickly learned to just swim to the top at feeding time. Any suggestions on how to get a lazy cat eating?


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Feed at night, and in surplus. I’ve had a similar issue with my Obbes catfish not getting food as the greedy Myka Creek Regal rainbowfish ate the food. So I started feeding more, and towards when the lights go out, since that’s when their most active. When feeding bloodworms I point the syringe (defrosted, it will sink) towards where they like to hide. Another way is just feeding pellets at night when the light is off 

hope this helps! Good luck with feeding him, he looks to be in a good body condition. How big is he now?

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