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A couple of our tanks

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Here are a couple of our smaller tanks. 

The first is a 5 gallon tank that my son has done. It currently has some Barbs, a few blue velvet shrimp, & snails. We had some neons, but they have recently left for the other side. He is just 8, so I think it has been a fun tank for him to get started with. IMG_5245.JPG.4f0bb9a00d83934d14bb1f3c05ed22a3.JPG



Next is a 13(?) gallon cylinder tank. It has some Danios, Rasboras, Hillstream Loaches, snails, and a bunch of Firered Cherry shrimp. It is still a pretty young tank, so I am still trying to get the plant the way I would like them. I really like this tank, but I don't think I will ever do a cylinder tank like this again.


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17 minutes ago, Garren B said:

Thank you for sharing. Really like the tank setup in your second photo. What is the center plant?

I think you are referring to the tall plant starting in the back ground and going all the way to the top. If so that is a Madagascar Lace Bulb. That one is actually going to go into my new tank that I am setting up, and replacing it with a slight smaller one from another tank. Also my shrimp love this plant. 

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9 hours ago, Fishkeeper125 said:

What type of wood is in your cylinder tank? It looks really neat!

And what are the cons of having a cylinder tank?

The best I can tell you is it is a Mobile Bay, Alabama, post-storm finds. My buddy and I go hunting around the banks around the bay. I have access to a few places that are not open to the general public, and the owner of the property has to pay someone to clean all this up each year (several trucks worth), so me coming and taking what I want is no problem. Once I get it home I clean and inspect each piece a little closer. I'd say almost half of everything I normal find goes to the burn pile after I look at it closer for one reason or another. 


Here is a picture of some of the wood we were able to get a few months ago. We had a request from a friends mother in Texas for some large pieces for yard decor, otherwise I would not have chosen so many large pieces. IMG_5254.jpg.5af5f0b4fa0694b5835648e3b0ba2a88.jpg

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