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Mystery Fry!

Cheryl P.

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I have a 20L tank on the bottom of a rack that has been largely empty for at least a couple of weeks. There's a BN pleco in there and a couple baby mystery snails. The tank is basically green water now and I haven't really messed with it in awhile. I'm considering just leaving it alone for a future fry food supply. 

Anyway, I was mucking around and doing water changes today and I found tiny fry in the tank!  I used to have a couple of pairs of neon tetras and a group of long fin zebra danios in there a couple weeks ago. There's also a clump of java moss that I bought from a fish club member about a month ago. 

I'm assuming these are zebra danio fry but they are so tiny!  I would have thought they would be bigger since the eggs would have had to been laid a couple of weeks ago.  Either that or some mystery eggs that came in on the java moss?  I'm not sure but I'm excited to find out!



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