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new mini pond build

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I made a pond in my courtyard to provide more space for my goldfish, upgrading them from the 70 gal HD tote. I used 6'4x4's for the length and 3' for the width. I learned a lot and while I was aware that by creating a square pond, folding the liner would be an issue... I did not realize how much of a pain it would be. If I did it again I would likely just make it a complete volume vs building in a falls aria and bog filter pan.

Here is the original mini pond


Disassembling the old pond so I can make space for the new. I had put insulating blankets wondering if that would help it retain heat. I ended up with quite a bit of green water that made it hard to see the fish (the water was hard to see even at 3"-4" deep). When I removed the pond I was surprised as to how big it was (I had forgotten with it being buried for so long).






I found eggs from the fish spawning, The arrow leaf had also grown into the sponge I was using to diffuse the water pumped into the bog filter.




I used brick to try and keep tree roots at bay ( I have found a few medium sized ones while digging) The foam was to try and help soften the edges, between that and the fabric liner I was hoping to make it easer to lay the pond liner... it wasn't.








When capping the Liner I found that the folds had caused so much distortion, none of the boards would lay even. I also overlapped extra liner to help reduce possible sun damage. Not as pretty but I often may choose utility over looks.


I set up my "old" bog filter until I build the new one (going to try an under gravel filter). I put the goldfish in and they were quite happy swimming around. I have been working on re-teaching them to come to the surface for food. Fortunately the seem to learn quickly when it comes to feeding. I also put an extra sponge filter in to help stir and aerate the water.







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