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How long after the last Ich spot


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I’ve successfully cleared Ich from my 55. Last spot visible on Wednesday. I treated yesterday and plan on treating again today. How many days do y’all usually go after the last spot to be sure it is truly gone? 

tank temp: 82

treatment: ICH-X

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On 7/4/2022 at 3:47 PM, Flumpweesel said:

I normally treat again about a to week down the line to catch anything hatching time frame depends on the temp as warmer water speeds up the life cycle.

I have no experience with ich-x though

This is what I do. Especially in my case where temps weren't insanely high but as high as I could get them.  You very well might have ich cysts in the substrate, that's what you're treating.  For the sake of clarification, I did use Ich-X to treat mine when I had ich in my 75G

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