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Clown Pleco

Its Hutch

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Anybody feel like the clown pleco whisperer? I'm having a hard time trying to sex mine and would like to attemp to breed them if I can find a pair.

Anybody have tips or tricks to help sex them? Do they need to be a certain size or age to be more reliably sexed?

Would a 10g be big enough for a pair or would a 20 Long be drastically better?


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A pH of 6.2 - 6.5 helps to bring them into breeding “mood “. 

If you feed lots of live foods at the recommended pH, the females may begin to from eggs over a month or so, alternatively you sadly ended up with a group of only males!

Look at the YouTube channel KeepingFishSimple, he has done a whole video on breeding L134s

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Male clown plecos have notable denticles over the back half of their bodies.  Females have minimal denticles.  Mine is male since I was finally able to get some decent pics of him earlier this month.  The best look at him I’ve had since I moved him into this tank over a year ago.  I’m purchasing a group of 4 clowns that appear to be 2 males and 2 females.  No breeding was noted in the previous owner’s tank.  We’ll see how things go.  I’m going to TRY to catch my boy and put him in with the others once they are done with quarantine.  Currently planning to put them into my angelfish tank.  We’ll see if that’s still my plan in a month.

See all the texture on his body behind the level of his pectorals?  He has significant texture everywhere, it’s just more noticeable on the back half.



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