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Puffer Tank Recommendations

Cheryl P.

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I picked up a used 65 gallon tank yesterday and I'm considering getting puffer fish for it. I've never had puffers before so I'm wondering which types I should be looking at. I would love to attempt to breed them in the future. 

Anyone with experience have any recommendations?

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@Cheryl P. I have a little experience with puffers. I would try any species below 10" adult size in a 65 as a single specimine and would expect anything below 6" +/-  adult size could be bred in a 65 given the right conditions and pair/group dynamics. I would look at spotted congo puffers, hairy puffers, congo puffers, red eye puffers, or any similar sized puffer I like for a 65 gallon.

Ive done Pao cf palustris breeding in a 75 gallon but they are likely doable in smaller volume. Normal colors male has a white belly with patterning females lighter green and more yellow belly.




Spawning colors same male as above and one of the females above. They pretty much reverse color from normal patterns.


F1 pao cf palustris fry 


I keep a group of three hairy puffer in a 50 gallon and will breed those in a 50 once I get a pair between that group and my group of four still growing out in a 35 gallon. 



I am growing out Tetraodon miurus congo puffers and have plans to try a redeye project like Carinotetraodon salivator. 20220201_132837_1.gif.3f8b0a2d5c3ea117e9bc3db967d96265.gif


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I haven't kept puffers for a long time, the last one was a figure 8 sometime at the turn of the century.

I have thought about your exact scenario though, and I think a real, honest to goodness shoal of pea puffers would be amazing.  Could maybe even get some community breeding.  Throw in several Crinum calastrum, crypts, Java moss, and maybe Vallisneria or chain sword with some tiger bulbs.  A bunch of driftwood or spider wood to top it off and provide hiding spaces.

Maybe 30-ish peas and could do 10 or so anchor cats as well.

Pretty jealous of your tank, and good luck!  Have fun with it.



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