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Odd parent couple


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Can rainbow cichlids and angelfish hybridize? 
at first I was confused since there was only one female rainbow guarding the babies and the angel was awfully close.I then realized that the angel is watching over the babies as well!!

I’m not sure if the female mates previously with another rainbow male or what but I’ve never heard of two vastly different species of cichlid working together to protect fry.


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On 6/21/2022 at 1:33 PM, Fish Folk said:

Was there a pair of Angels or pair of Rainbow Cichlids in the tank? I'm assuming that you didn't see these two spawning. Some cichlids will begin to display parental instinct with fry not their own. 

Yes, I have a few adults there so it is possible two rainbow cichlids mated and now the angel is taking over.

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