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What's Wrong With This Rasbora


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This is the last Rasbora left out of 6.  My water parameters are 0, 0, 30 with a PH of 7.8.  I have a lemon blue eyed pleco, an amano shrimp, a betta and nerite snail. It looks like maybe he's getting beat up, but I look at this tank a lot and I don't see any aggression.  There's nothing sharp in the tank for him to brush up on.  Can anyone give me an idea of what's wrong?

Sorry for the "snow." I fed bug bites and that's when I noticed it.


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I moved him to my QT and put 3 tbsp of aquarium salt in 10 gallons.  Does someone has a different suggestion or am I on the right track? 

BTW, water temp in the QT is 78 and in his regular tank it's 80. 

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