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What's growing on my Gold Ram?


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Nitrate - 10

Nitrite - 1

GH - 300+

KH - 120

PH - 6.8

Chlorine - 0

Temp - 77f

I've got a couple of Gold Rams in this 36gal with a few other things. Cherry barbs, a Power Blue Dwarf Gourami, a few Sumo Loaches. Just moved the rams in there a few days ago.

I noticed this thing growing on the left side of one of the rams. It looks like a blackhead, sort of. It's pencil eraser colored, slightly raised, about 1-2mm diameter. I'll attach pics, of course.  It looks subtler in the photos than it does in real life. In that last pic with the fish swimming away, you can see it right behind it's pectoral fin.

I saw this once on a Diamond Tetra that I had just bought with several others. I returned it to the store though, so I never sought to find out what it was.

Would love some help if anyone is familiar with this. What should I do about it?







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It difficult to tell off your pictures the fact that you have 1ppm of nitrite could be the cause I would test daily and daily water changes and add a double dose of prime to help detoxify any nitrites till it stays at zero constantly if the lump or spot you describe gets bigger then I would recommend treating with maracyn2 in food active ingredient is minocycline that has proven effective at sinking some types of lumps 1147420040_Screenshot_20220510-0140392.png.8c33f5db47aae5ea3995edd83acabb08.png

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