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Multiple Tank Syndrome + LFS sale =

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I got a 29 gallon Aqueon tank for fifty percent off!! 

I currently have a Flex 9 gallon that's been running since September and I love how simple and inclusive everything is.

I've been reading about filters for 30gal and have decided on a HOB (Aquaclear 20-50gal) to help with smaller fish/fry/shrimp and a clear hinged lid to keep cats out/fish and condensation in. Reviews I've read say you can cut out certain sections to have room for HOB filters, water heaters, etc. I assume most of the hinged lids have this option? So many options out there!!

I'll also pick up a quality LED plant light further down the road. I feel pretty confident choosing the right one for me. And last is a sturdy stand for the 300lbs of weight once it's full of water.

I'm looking forward to getting this set up and seeing what my stocking options are! Is there anything I'm forgetting for an aquarium this big? Or anything I should look out for? 

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Ah, welcome to the world of the 29. I got my first one a few months ago.

For me there is a learning curve for how to grow plants in such a deep tank and I’m still learning. So far corkscrew val and Amazon sword are growing well but the stem plants I tried have failed and my Java ferns are alive but not gonna win any prizes. 

One thing I do feel I couldn’t do without is an additional airstone on the opposite side of the tank from my filter. I have a sponge filter and before I added the airstone on the other side the tank had a too-still feel.

I hope you enjoy your new tank!


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@PineSongthat is a beautiful tank! Thanks for the insight! I was looking at sponge filters to help with aquarium space, I wondered if one would be enough or if some people use 2 sponge filters, one on each end.  

I went ahead and ordered a hygger LED plant light, had good reviews and good price.  Still have to decide on what filter to use... may be the last piece I order. 

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Good Morning 


lovely tank. I have a 29 gal and all my stem plants were melting. But I also had been treating Mr Attitude with salt and did t know plants hate salt. Trying to introduce plants that feed from the water column now. Java Fern and some Christmas Moss.  But they are slow growers. So I’m going to try some of the corkscrew Valencia. I love the way you have it in the front of your tank. 

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