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  1. Good Morning lovely tank. I have a 29 gal and all my stem plants were melting. But I also had been treating Mr Attitude with salt and did t know plants hate salt. Trying to introduce plants that feed from the water column now. Java Fern and some Christmas Moss. But they are slow growers. So I’m going to try some of the corkscrew Valencia. I love the way you have it in the front of your tank.
  2. I inherited a fish tank and a Molly and 3 Corys from a friend who died in January. I got some more corys and later on some tetras for the Molly to have company. But he hates them. He bullies them and they bully him. Now he has fungus on his mouth and fin. I need to not stress him oUt more. Should I take him out and quarantine him or should I treat the whole tank? ... it’s a 29 gallon tank freshwater of course I keep it around 80° it’s planted but I’ve had trouble with the plants because I was keeping salt (due to Molly’s ICK problems earlier) in the water and I cycled that out. The corycats seem to be doing fine. It’s the Molly thats giving me a fit. Treated him And the whole tank with the three medication’s that are recommended on Aquarium co op ... probably about a month ago. I turned the lights up a bit to help the plants and now he has fungus on his mouth and top fin.
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