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Fish in time out!

Karen B.

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So I have this tiny White Cloud Minnow that is absolutely stunning... but such a bully! He terrorizes the 12 other minnows in the tank. Yesterday they were all crammed in one corner of the 20 gallons and he wouldn’t let them move.

I named him Jaws!

I gave him his final warning yesterday but he did not listen (must be a teenager!) He is all alone in his 10 gallons now. 2 weeks ago I had removed him from the tank, rescaped and moved him back but peace lasted only for 2 weeks. Not too sure what I will do with him. They are schooling fish and not meant to be alone. Yet it stresses my fish so much when I try to catch him with a net that I am not sure if I want to try to put him back in the main tank in a couple of weeks. Because if it fails and I must net him again...

My fish are startled by everything. Even the glass magnet sends them in a frenzy... 😖 


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