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What is this?

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These are on the algae,  on the glass of my shrimp tank. There are hundreds of them.  They measure about 1mm, and are off white. I thought at first they may be tiny snails but they swim and move faster than snails. I'm wondering what they are and if/how to get rid of them. Thanks for any help.


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They look like ostracods/seed shrimp. Harmless good fish food unfortunately of no use in a shrimp tank. Use a small siphon line like an airline to suck them off the glass. Anything that will harm them will kill your shrimp.  You can gravel vac into a white bucket and use a flash light to rescue and return any shrimplettes to the tank and it will reduce the numbers. I simply ignore them. A lot go into the filter and chow down keeping filters from needing cleaned as often for me. 

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Looks like some type of seed shrimp. Perfectly safe. If this was a nano fish tank they would likely get eaten quickly but if this is shrimp only tank they will just be a part of your ecosystem and shouldn't get out of hand if you aren't over feeding. Any fast methods to get rid of them if you wanted to go that route would likely also harm your shrimp.


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