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I have a guppy that has fungus on it. In the same tank I have 60 newborn fry meds?


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I listened to Cory's video on treating for quarantine and treating for an active infection.   He said to use maracyn and Ich-x and follow directions.   PROBLEM:  Ich-x says to replace water every 24 hrs and maracyn says don't change water for 5 days.    WHAT AM I TO DO??? 

We checked and the water is good,  we have 1 adult a bunch of juvies and 60 fry that are 3 days old.   I want the fish well but I don't know what to do at this point.   HELP


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If it's a mild fungus, you can just let the maracyn and ich x soak, just dosing once for a week.


Otherwise you can treat with maracyn and ich x each day and water change and redose. If you look at the direction on Erythromycin, which is the same active ingredient and dosage, it says to change water daily. 


Treats Bacterial Infections Plant Safe Invertebrate Safe We now prefer using Maracyn as it's the same active ingredient(erythromycin). The price of API Erythromycin keeps going up multiple times a year. Maracyn has remained...


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