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More angelfish

Brandon p

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So I have about 20 that are ready to move to the 20 gal the first pics. I moved the out fasted that I wanted because the black parents hade layer more eggs. And 4 5 days later they were free swimming. 04294AFB-DDE9-4542-B636-81EED54F280C.jpeg.ccdfe132bb4e2a9f211ddabb275c30ed.jpeg4E76CECD-D1B6-4039-9EC0-BA4C71995EF4.jpeg.313df28939bfce6a267860f8e4e3e422.jpegsome hiding out the  breed “box” the parents like it this way because the wil heard them into it if there is troubles and just guard the front here are the rest free swimming.8955E53D-CDE2-4848-9395-3347F717DCF5.jpeg.8b568311d9134059b16a0190235c4fa2.jpegi tried to get 5B913427-8A5B-462E-931A-691EA223C38C.jpeg.8f22135541c677a974ccb49cc19a310e.jpegthem all in the next pic but not sure how it turned out


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I had a hard time getting va pair that won’t eat them. My LFS is more interested in my guppies right now. I brought him 12 as a trail run he called by the end of the same day asking for 50. I told him I could fill that but it would be a few weeks be bode I could have Many ready to go. I have been feed some females to other fish and he wants pairs so I have to stop doing that do that means one one more much bucket pond


On 4/24/2022 at 5:05 PM, Guppysnail said:

Congratulations 🎉 thanks for sharing pics


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