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Can anyone tell me what these little creatures are?


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Can you get some closer pictures? Definitely could be something larval...

here are some terrifying yet fascinating possibilities, it seems to have mandibles and some type of legs/swimmers(or external gills maybe?!) like these different "fly" larva. Could be Alderfly larva based off their descriptions...


PS. I cracked up at your "I am a fool" statement, I say that all the time.

EDIT. I just read the article and they do seem to be gills (on the hellgrammite) It like a bad "read all instructions first" moment. 😑

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I forgot to read...
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It is definitely is something larval, and really does look like a tiny hellgrammite, but that was the best photo I could get with my DLSR camera.... so that's probably the best that I can do. The little guys were probably only 2-3 mm long.  One odd thing that I noticed was that their mouths were hovering towards the surface like they were trying to breathe air. I had to go away for a few days so i just crushed them in case they started attacking my shrimp. If i notice any more I will snag it and move it into a tiny jar, feed it, and watch it grow since i would love to see it in the adolescent/mature stages... I just don't want to see that happen in my aquarium XD. 

And to Mr. KrazyJohn, since I am away i cant get a photo of it but its lost all of its "banana" bits and now just shoots off lily pads every few days.  They've gotten to be about 5in diameter so I trim them back once every few weeks. But it did look like the banana plant that was advertised for ~5-6 months.

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