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I need help identifying the issue with my Xenotoca doadrioi. A couple of them were getting what I thought was a mild fungal infection around their mouths, but the skin/scales are starting to pull off in a sheet, particularly in the male in both photos. The flesh underneath is just kind of whitish and a little red. I added a low dose of aquarium salt when I first noticed it, but two more have started having symptoms since then, and the male's skin started peeling as I noted. One of the other fish's gills are red and inflamed.

Tank has been set up since late August, and I've had this line for almost 2 years with no issues. Nothing new was added to the tank and no parameters were changed. Temp is ~70 F, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, nitrates ~50.

No idea if this is relevant, but I also have this weird whitish substance on the floating hornwort (see pic). It looks like bladder snail eggs in the pic, but it's not.

I would appreciate ID and treatment advice if anybody has seen and treated something like this.




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added water parameters
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Hard to say, I would treat for columnaris.  For me personally this is usually a dose of maracyn and ich X that'll get it. OR if you remove plants salt would work well also.

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It could be Columnaris the best treatment for Columnaris I have found is a combination of kanaplex and jungal fungas clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone together following this treatment schedule using jungal fungas clear fizz tabs instead of furan2 as it has been discontinued @dylaneff1


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