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Hiding or sick?


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Hi friends. I moved my betta to a QT because his tank got out of whack. 

he has been hiding inside a cave and rarely coming out over past 2 days. Today he came out and ate for the first time. I also noted a big poo in the tank (bare bottom). 

a few days ago I might have been over generous with the micro blood worms. 

do you think this is likely swim bladder given the poo and slight improvement today? Other things I should worry about or watch for? Or do?



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I’ve had fish get constipated from bloodworms and last time thought I was going to lose one of my best platy moms. She was hiding at the bottom under a log breathing heavy for a couple hours the morning after a bloodworm dinner, with a big blob (not a string at all) of poo stuck. Luckily she recovered but I’m going to go easy on the bloodworms from now on. I had tossed in a whole cube because there are tons of fish in there but maybe she still got too many.

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