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Pea Puffer "Gazoo" looks a bit skinny. Advise please

Sandra the fish rookie

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Hi Everyone~

Last night I went to feed Gazoo some snails, and noticed he looked a little thin (kind of pinched in. I had been feeding him around 3-5 snails every day at sometimes he got some frozen brine shrimp instead (to change it up). He has a great appetite, and acting normally, swimming around, active curious. 

I immediately checked his water:

Temp 78.8; PH 7.3; Nitrites 0, Nitrates 15, Kh 4, Harness 280ish (I have VERY hard water); Ammonia 0

I took no chances, and gave him a dose of paracleanse (half dose for a 5 gallon tank). This morning, he is doing fine, swimming around coming to see me at the glass. 

I have not seen any abnormal poop from him and his fin's, and slime coat all look really good. His eyes are bright.

Maybe I need to go back to the once a week fast and feed him EVERY day or twice a day? He is quite active..

Should I do another course of Paracleanse on day 3 (last night being day one) ?

I tried to get a picture of him but is is always moving all over the place. But I do have an older picture to compare the weight difference. 

Gazoo 11APR2022.jpg

Gazoo 06JAN2022.jpg

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