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Newbie from Cali!

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Hi I am Marie from California!🐟


I am starting a 29 long aquarium soon. I am hoping to have two discus, German Rams, Rummynose tetra, and neon and Cardinals.

I am going to have a few live plants and white sand. I have been keeping aquariums for years but I’ve been out of the game for a while. Discus are my favorite❤️ let me know your thoughts and how many of each. I’m looking at some Coreys to but I’m really not sure or know anything about them.

I have two questions if somebody could help me. How do I stay logged into this site I clicked or checked the little box to stay logged in but it doesn’t work. Also how do I reduce my photos to the accepted file type?


🍸Thanks guys ~



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I'm new too, not having those issues. PC? Phone? If it's a PC, I'm wondering if you just need to open one of the photos, go to file, save as, and change the file type in the drop down menu at the bottom. You need gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png. 

Edit: With an older PC you can just use Paint, but depending on the brand you may have some other stock photo editor on the computer.

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