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Leak test for new tanks


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Just picked up two new aqueon 75 gallon tanks today. After some complaints of leaks in reviews, I definitely want to leak test before they come inside.

I have drains in the basement floor, but that means carrying them down and back up again, something I'd like to avoid if I can with back issues.

We do have a level carport though - would they be ok out there with water in them? lowest temp over the next few days is 36f for a short time tomorrow morning. The rest of the week is low 40s. 

So... in the basement or the carport? How long is advisable to test? No new plants or fish pushing a hard deadline...

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I just stuck mine in the backyard, anywhere flat. Doesn't need to be on a stand, but that helps. Fill it up and check back after a few hours.


I haven't had any issues with my 75g. For reference.

Visually inspect the seams. Petco loves to stack tanks inside tanks so sometimes they get nicks and cuts unintentionally. Customers move tanks to get the size they want and have to move 3-4 tanks to do it. That's how it happens, unfortunately.


As a sidenote. Toss a bubbler in the tank to keep water moving, that should prevent freezing.

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