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Rotala indica root sprouting

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I am wondering why the Rotala indica was sprouting roots from new branches. Also, roots are sprouting from older branches, which occurred from the start of planting. It seems that this root growth is slowing a bit down, though.  Is the root growth a sign of needing more nutrients in the substrate (additional root tabs)? Easy Green and Easy Iron are added. The plant is subjected tp medium-high LED light intensity. Thanks.

Rotala indica.jpg

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Dear Fish Folk: Thanks for the tip about the Rotala indica. Will keep up with the Easy Green. The Rotala indica is actually growing rapidly. But not with rounded leaves, as one can see from the attached image, rather with the narrow leaves. My guess is that the narrow leaf growth is in response to the plentiful light. The uppermost growth is pinkish in color. Your tank: really nice looking with a happy goldfish. The bloomed plant must have been very attractive against the green background, as the goldfish stands out well, too. Do you happen to know the conditions that would promote the blooms? Best

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