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Ammonia spikes 2 weeks after columnaris treatment?


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We cycled our 40 gallon breeder for 2 months with media from a cycled betta tank and Tim's pure ammonia. Went and got 8 giant danios and 2 snails, then bam..BAM... fuzzy white spots and fin rot overnight on one fish, diagnosed as columnaris from fish store guys, so we did 3 rounds kanaplex and 2 rounds jungle fungus cure because it had the Nitrofurazone in it. Cured it well, no more fuzz and fins have completely regrown.

2 weeks later we're still battling ammonia spikes, reading .25-.5 all the time. No ammonia in tap, parameters before meds we're perfect. 

We feed every other day, are not over-stocked, and use aquarium coop root tabs for our stem plants. 

We clean the tank 40- 50% weekly with our python and get out the plant debris each week, and all plants have new growth. 

Did 50% water change yesterday when ammonia was .5,  got it down to. 25 and ammonia is back to .5 this evening. Ugh! So we added a double dose of prime and will change water again tomorrow. 

Could it be the meds damaged bacteria, causing the filter to grow back what it needs more slowly? Should we use a bacterial supplement? 

So thankful our fish are happy and healthy, but not loving ammonia issues! Nitrites are 0, nitrates 5 because we just changed water.


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Medications can set-back or crash cycles, killing off BB. Columnaris is a biggie and requires some pretty caustic medications so that very well could be what is happening here. Basically now you're doing a form of "fish in" cycling and doing the right thing by water changing - this may be a daily process until the cycle settles back in. I wouldn't over-clean the tank surfaces giving it a chance to grow there while removing a little from the water column. Because the fish are in, changing water gives you in a way small daily set backs in the cycle. It's ok, it just takes some work and as long as you're diligent everyone will make it through the process. 

Adding bacterial supplements can help, I personally use them and feel they work- others are more skeptical. Do what you feel is best for your tank and your situation- what works for you. 

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Thanks! It's down to .25 today, so we added prime again and will change tomorrow. I'm also adding a bacterial supplement like we used when fishless cycling. Fingers crossed! We'd like to finish stocking it! What a crazy first few months! 

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