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Finnex Stingray 2-Too much light for 55gal long low-tech?

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Hey, y'all.

So I have a 55 long with mostly stem plants and a couple swords. (anna buncha fish) Inert substrate with root tabs, no CO2, settled in at about 10ppm nitrate. I had a 36" light on there and the plants at the edge weren't growing too well. The stuff in the middle was doing pretty well though. It was a cheap NICREW ClassicLED. I wanted a 48" light and went with the Stingray 2.

But it seems really bright now... I like it, but do you think this is way too much for my setup? In general, is the S-2 considered Medium Light? I know there are variables, like depth and what you want to grow... But would a S-1 be better?

I really like the low-tech, low maintenance tank. I don't want to have to dose a bunch, or run CO2, and trim every two days. I could return the S-2 and get a S-1. Or any other 48" light really. I don't mind spending a little money, but I don't need anything fancy that I can control with my phone or whatever.

I appreciate any advice or recommendations.

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i have two lights on my 55 gallon I have 2 finnex 24/7  plant lights  and i am doing low light plants and a few medium light  plants  with no  Co2 Have two lights because with one  light some of the plants was not getting very much lights ,  my lights you can turn the intensity up or down   for my lights i like the light intensity to about 30-40 % to work with my plants that i have 


if i want my lights 40 % intensity i set each   light to 20 %intensity     and it is working well for me ,,

I still have  brown algae problems  but  not from the lights just found out my Fish store tested my water i have very high phosphates ,, just start using   phosphates test & Seachem Phosguard  for a week so it is helping so far time will tell  usually it take 2-3 weeks to see if something new works  

Plus i have 2 floating plants that helps the lighting to I want to add some water westeria to float  with my Amazon Frogbit  &  Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus

Best Wishes 

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