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Damage to angels - cause ?


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I have 5 male and 1 female angelfish all several years old. Recently they have been getting rather beat up. At first I thought they were doing it to themselves but now i'm not sure. Population include 6 L204; 3 BN (1 f 2 m); 6 clown loaches; 10 zebra loaches; 2 or 3 yoyo loaches; some sterbai dithers.

The angel show no skittishness around the loaches in the morning when i feed them and the loaches come out and eat with them. Nor do they show any skittishness around the female bn or L204 (i've not seen them around the male bn which hangs out in the very back). I did have one female angelfish die today but there were no marks on here - the other female angelfish has a few but not too many marks. The largest male only has one mark. Not sure why the female died she was 4 years old - and was alpha female so none of hte angels bothered her.xxxx.jpg.b486a48f76c9803e38b26f7c951e8e24.jpg

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