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Hello from Sri Lanka

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Hi everyone! I am a fan of both nano tanks and nano fish. Currently at 7 tanks I think do have a slight case of MTS. Also a a long time YouTube fan of CooP channel which really helped me to get back in to the hobby after almost 20 years. I have few long term projects on going . One is this two feet dirted planted tank. I knew the risks yet didn't fully realize how much of a challenge it would be. You can see my other tanks at my fb page 'Nano Fish Tanks Sri Lanka '. 


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Hi Cory,

Almost all aquariums are family run business here. There are few large scale importers and many small scale exporters.  We dont have large markets but even small towns have at least one aquarium shop. Typical shop looks like this 

Video 1

Arowana , snake heads, discus and flower horns are popular among the local fish keepers. 

Yes we have some large farms both in public and private sector. NAQDA frams are the government run fish farms.  I believe Dennerle has a large plant farm set up as well. Typical farm is some thing like this 





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