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caves for pleco


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The rock structure looks great, I did something similar with two overhanging areas and my BN pleco loved hanging upsidedown where the “tunnel” is and would pop out as soon as she saw food arrive. I would recommend maybe adding some more broadleaf plants, both my BNs like to hang out on large verticlal leaves and hang out in the flow. Some BN plecos allegedly really like to munch on Amazon Swords but I’ve never had this issue so just something to keep in mind. 

If you’re planning on breeding though they probably will require a cave structure that is fully enclosed besides the entrance.

One last thing I forgot originally is that your pleco will definitely benefit from a small piece of driftwood included so it can munch on it for necessary nutrients.

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much appreciated!

yea im not planning on breeding, they will be my first ones in..

last few days and if my numbers remain good i will get  fish this weekend..

and i have some more plants coming from the co-op!

Thanx again, so much good info here!

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