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Spots on wen

Christina C

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I have 4 goldfish in a 65g tank.  Just recently my oranda showed these spots.  It's been about 3 weeks as I thought it was just wen growth.  But now some of the white spots are dark.

I just did a 40% water change (usually do 30% weekly) and changed the media in my filter (fluval 407).  I am testing the water in the am.  I do struggle with ammonia. I only have 4 fish, so I know that it's not a crowded tank.

I will update tomorrow with the nitrate and ammonia levels. 

Just feeling super frustrated.   I lost my pearl scale last month. 😢 



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Behavior is normal, active and responsive.   Did my nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia tests again this morning.

Ammonia is 0ppm

Nitrate is bad 30ppm and nitrite is 5ppm

I seem to be doing damage with all the water changes to keep the ammonia down.  But I don't know what else to do.

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With the high levels of nitirtes I would do small daily water changes and add prime to detoxify any nitrites or ammonia and cut back on feeding for a week  you could add some extra filtration in my goldfish tank a have fluval 307 external canister filter and ziss 300f bubble  filter  the white pimples are usually wren growth am not sure about the black ones they could be caused by high levels of nitirtes you could also add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons that will help with Gill function and add essential electrolytes

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