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Hard water help


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Hi all! 

So it turns out I have very hard water…like it was off the charts 😳 I have my 9 gal fluval flex and it currently is home to a nerite (Lazarus) and blue shrimp (Pepé). I’ve added driftwood (previously boiled) and a softener pillow. I’m expecting my betta from aqua huna this week. Should I added Fritz dark water? Or any other source of tannins? I’m worried it’ll still be too hard for little miss when she arrives. 

side note: I didn’t learn about my hard water issue until after I ordered my new betta 😩 So I’m scrambling for something to get the water soft enough for a betta but not too soft because I have my snail.

also, also…I have carbon in the back filter…should I take it out? I read it can reduce tannins. I plan to take it out to do the triple meds prophylactically once betta gets here. Beside my inverts, it’s just her in the tank so I planned to medicate her directly in the tank.

I swear, I feel like the more I’m learning about fish keeping, the less I know 😓 Thanks in advance!


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Lots of Indian almond leaves. Betta love them. The hard water is fine for your nerite and shrimp but not so great for betta. You could slowly start adding 50/50 your water and distilled water to fix it. Don’t go too soft your nerite and shrimp need calcium and not below 7.0 ph for your nerite or his shell will erode they prefer it higher but find a happy medium for all your critters. 

Shrimp love almond leaves also

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@Guppysnailyeah, I guess that is my biggest worry is with water changes. Every time I have to change the water I don’t want to start at square one with the hardness issue. I definitely thought about the almond leaves. I don’t know if they are too big? I definitely feel like I’m back in chemistry class at times trying to find the right balance😅

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