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tree saplings in aquariums

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Hi everyone!

I recently have decided to put in plants in my 75-gallon tank. I was going to put in Pothos, though I had a cooler idea.

last year I had taken a tree sapling that was growing in a river and replanted it into my 10-gallon tank. It did well, until I moved into a larger tank, where it slowly died. I was never able to identify the tree sadly. So, my question is this:

Does anyone know of trees that grow well emerged in aquariums? I already know about mangroves, but I want to see if I have any other options.

Thank you in advance!

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If I had to guess, the tree you used was some kind of willow. Willows are pretty common in riparian areas across the country. Any who, if we assume you have adequate lighting for a tree the ones I'm aware of are

Bald cypress 


Coast redwood

Dawn redwood 

Willows (pretty much all of them)

Pin oaks

Mangroves (white, black, gray and red)

Ficus ischipoda (most of the tropical ficus will grow out of an aquarium)


Various small indoor palms (not a tree, but them neither are bananas)

Metrosideros excelsia (new zeland Christmas tree)

Melaleuca quinquenervia (this is the common one we have here in socal and Florida, but many melaleuca species can grow in water)

Clusia guttifera (autograph tree)

That's just the stuff I have personal experience with. Technically you can grow most things with their roots in water if you let them adjust/prop them in water.Also don't underestimate how much light most trees will need. I did and all I got was an etiolated mess to show for it.

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@bettta999, I found it in a river in Missouri, @Expectorating_Aubergine was correct on identifying it.

@CalmedByFish, I will consider your recommendations. It may be hard to plant the avocado the way I plan to, but I'm sure I can figure it out. Thank you!

@Expectorating_Aubergine, thank you for reminding me, we did identify it as a willow, I just forgot. Also, thank you for the list, that will give me plenty of options!



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