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Goodbye 2021, the year I became a Nerm!


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As we say goodbye to this very strange year, what did we learn about being aquarists?

A big thanks go to @Cory and the CARE team for making it possible for ignorant fish-keepers like me to be part of this amazing community. To all of you for putting up with me. To all of you who persevere to overcome challenging moments. To all of you who always had a kind word for others. To all the good advice given. Cheers! 🥳

This is what I owe all of you:

- Learned about which rules to break.

- Patience.

- Water quality.

- Fish compatibility.

- Growing healthy plants and critters.

- Patience.

- Fixing the broken.

- Hey, and I was introduced to new music, food, hobbies and sports!

Happy New Year!!! 😎 Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2022! 😍

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@eatyourpeas Happy New Year and Congratulations on your first year ..

I want to say Happy New Year to the community and Aquarium Coop team ,,wishing the best in this coming year God Bless 

For me , I learn something every day in fish and plant keeping and I am grateful for this forum and members ,, and Cory and team .. because i do not have a fish store around the corner ,,

This year I am learning about plants I have had fish for many years due to a pelco that ate every plant i could not have real plants but since he is gone and I have a little bigger tank I wanted plants .. 

With Corry and his videos and team specially Candy and Irene ( love Irene ‘s channel) .. i am learning to not kill all my plants there is some I have killed  of course 

but I want to say to all thank you for all that has helped me and my stupid questions best wishes  for a blessed year 

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