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Brown growth on plants?

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Yup, diatoms... all my new tanks have it. Easy to get off the glass, pain to get off plants (except if you have ottos as @ange says). Mine is starting to decrease just a bit after almost 2 months. 

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Hi, I have an add-on question.

I have diatoms on ohko stones and on live plants in a month old aquarium. There are now some cherry shrimp and a few killfish living in the tank, with a couple of snails that hitchhiked on a plant or two. 

I wipe off the diatoms on the glass in single strokes from the bottom up and clean out the sponge outside the aquarium and gently wipe the larger, less delicate leaves before doing a water change. 

1) When they eventually die off, will the diatoms fall off and disappear from the plants and rocks or will I have to scrub all the crevices and prune off the affected leaves?

2) Also, would adding more plants help to utilize any excess fertilizer and out-compete the diatoms, getting rid of them sooner?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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