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Uncontrollable brown algae

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I have the worst problem with brown algae. Started a few months ago and I don’t know what to do. Tank is a 75G stocked with cichlids. Filtration is an Fx4 running purigen and carbon. I also have a large sponge filter running in one of the corners. Power head in the opposite corner for surface agitation. I recently moved a few weeks ago and basically started over on this tank with the exception of the filter. New substrate and decorations. I did use some of the old water but not much. The tank is mostly clear but this algae is starting to come back. Lights are only on for a max if 10 hrs a day. Water changes are done 2x a week. Any thoughts??

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If possible, I'd try adjusting the intensity of your lights, and maybe reduce to 8 or 9 hours a day for now. If you have a light that you can adjust, I'd dial it back to around 50% for a week or two and see if it starts to make a difference in the brown algae. You can adjust up or down from there. I'd also dial back the amount of fertilizer you're using a touch also, to compensate for reducing your lights.

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