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Would this work?


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In terms of having enough gallons for those combos, a 20 gallon would do well. The question about the betta and ___any other fish___ will depend on the betta.

Lots of bettas can get along well with smaller tankmates, but some will not. The first betta I added to a community tank was fine with all the swimming fish (guppies, platies) but would not leave the otocinclus alone. The second betta I tried did not notice or care about otocinclus at all. 

I've read the advice that if you're setting this kind of tank up, it's good to add the other fish first and the betta after the other fish have had a chance to settle in, rather than adding the smaller fish to the tank after a betta has already claimed all the territory. This is what I did. I also added him in a transparent breeder box so he could be in the tank for a few hours and see everyone before he was free to swim among them.

As long as you have something else you can keep the betta in if the combination does not work out, I think you're safe to try.

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