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Indoor ponds


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Hey everyone! I'm thinking about starting an indoor pond and I was wondering what all of y'all have done? I'm considering using a muck bucket since I am in a small apartment but trying to figure out a way to make it not look like just a muck bucket on the floor haha 

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Love these kind of projects!  I have a couple of these in my apartment.

  • one large plastic planter (no drainage holes), about 12 gallons I would guess. I use a coated metal plant hanger (usually sold for folks to hang a plant on the edge of their balcony) to prop up a large peace lily planted in a pond basket with LECA (expanded clay). I have a variety of floating plants (Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' and Hornwort) and low-light plants (Anubias). This one has lived outside, too, during the summer, and my colony of dumbo mosaic guppies does very well. When indoors, I run air via USB air pump and airstone for a few hours a day.  I light it with a plant light from amazon with a flexible neck that clamps onto a nearby floor lamp. 
  • I also have 3 storage boxes from IKEA (KLÄMTARE Box with lid, indoor/outdoor, dark gray (22 ¾x 17 ¾ x 11 ¾")). I use plastic storage baskets to make a base (inverted) to prop up pond planters with LECA. I have these planted with pothos, philodendron, peace lily, etc. Underwater I have java moss, java fern, and bolbitis. I have 2 for guppy grow outs (one for dumbo mosaic fry/juveniles, one for vienna guppy fry/juveniles), while the other is one of my medaka rice fish colonies. These I have with USB air pump / small sponge filter and heaters in with the guppies. 

So for looks, I would go with a large flower pot (careful not too high) with no drainage holes. There are a number of videos on youtube with tutorials 🙂 Good luck!

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Hey! This is a great idea, I’ve been doing it for a little while now, I have two 17 gallon plastic type planters, think they are sold as storage containers at Walmart, I use them as grow outs for my sailfin mollies and a line of platies I’m working on, run sponge filters in both, have let the tops over grow with duckweed and have put in some viewing rings, really feels like looking in to a natural pond I use oak leaves and drift wood as well

i have simple LED work lights and have good luck growing some vallisnera Xmas moss guppie grass and java fern under the water

i love the look of them with my rack and strongly suggest everyone to try this out at least once!! 





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