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  1. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    A little update on him! He is looking so much better! His wounds are starting to heal and he is so much more active and not hiding as much. Another thing I realized that may have been contributing to his unhappiness was my light was on the brightest setting possible because it reset when we lost power for a couple minutes a couple weeks ago and I didn't realize it 🤦🏼‍♀️ As soon as I turned his light back down where it was supposed to be he came straight out🥳! He over all looks happier and is getting back to his normal personality. I also haven't noticed any more flashing he could still be doing it but I haven't noticed anything! I'm keeping my fingers crossed he is finally on the mend of these issues but knock on wood that I'm not jinxing anything🥳! Thank you so much for all the help I would've had no idea what to do with all of this!
  2. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    Ohh that would make sense! I removed quite a bit of water when I planted the plants and I noticed the next day I had the tiniest amount of ammonia so I probably messed with the filter bed by covering it up with the new gravel. This morning he was right up top ready to eat so he was probably just overly stressed with the massive change. Thank you! I didn't even think it could've just been stress since the flashing looks different than it did before!
  3. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    He was flashing fairly regularly it got better after the meds I ran through him and it used to be very deliberate and seemed a lot more harsh than he is now. Today when he did it it was very lazy but he was still flashing if that makes sense. He would go through bouts of doing it so I would see him do it 3-4 times in a row then he would take a break for a little bit but now its lazy and once or twice I catch him doing it. No CO2 the only things I put in for plants are Easy Carbon, Easy Green, and some Easy root tabs under the gravel. Yesterday I did add beneficial bacteria when I noticed the cloudy water to see if that would help (I have no idea if it did anything or if the bacterial bloom cleared itself up) and the 1 tablespoon and a teaspoon of salt. I did one round of salt roughly a week ago and he seemed quite a bit better and more active but I'm scared of killing all my plants so I dont know if it would be best to put him in a quarantine to be able to push ample amount of salt through?
  4. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    Hi @Colu I noticed these past couple days he has started hanging out closer to the bottom of the tank and not looking as happy again. His fins aren't fully clamped as they were last time but he definitely doesn't look happy. Sunday I put more gravel in his tank so I could plant some plants I had floating and that's when I first realized these symptoms again. I did have a bacterial bloom after adding the gravel so I don't know if that was just a stressor so he's now not happy. This seems to be an upward battle do you happen to have any ideas on what else to do? Theres currently 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt in the tank and he looks a little more perked up today.
  5. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    @Colu today was his 7th day of the medicated food and he looks much better he's more active and isn't clamping his fins. He is still flashing and has damaged a few of the scales around his head and gills. Should I go ahead and medicate him with salt with the 1 tablespoon per five gallons concentration to help with those injuries?
  6. Hey everyone! I'm thinking about starting an indoor pond and I was wondering what all of y'all have done? I'm considering using a muck bucket since I am in a small apartment but trying to figure out a way to make it not look like just a muck bucket on the floor haha
  7. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    Thank you I'm hoping for everything to get delivered Tuesday so I can start treating
  8. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    Does the same recipe work?
  9. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    I just checked my water parameters and everything seems fine🤷🏼‍♀️ Is API Erithromycin the same thing as Fritz Maracyn? I live in a small town and only have access to Petsmart and Petco. Could the damage the flukes did to his gills cause an infection? @Colu
  10. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    Ohh I gotcha I just got back from being gone this weekend and I noticed he looks like he's clamping his fins and overall just doesn't look happy.
  11. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    I don't have a carbon filter one did come with the tank but it has been roughly a month I think since I took it out. Could his gills be healing from the flukes though? In my mind if he had a bad case of the flukes wouldn't they eventually cause damage? I may be completely out in left field though😂
  12. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    My API test kit just confirmed 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and probably closer to 5 ppm nitrate and its saying 8.2 - 8.3 ph. I'm wondering if I should just run him through the med trio but I don't know if that could have bad after effects?
  13. abbie

    Betta flashing?

    I have been yesterday I had 0ppm ammonia and 0ppm nitrites and maybe 10 ppm nitrates for my plants I was using the coop test strips so its sometimes hard for me to see the difference between 0 and 10 ppm for the nitrites and nitrates so I will make sure to use my liquid test kit today
  14. I've got I think 4 nerites right now and I absolutely love them since they deal with my bettas nonsense and they'll probably end up in the next tank🥳 My issue right now is getting algae off of my plants mainly my water sprite and the nerites want nothing to do with it
  15. I'll look into those! I started looking into otos because I think they look cool and I like how they behave. I would probably be interested in one even if they didn't eat algae that's just a bonus for me 😅
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