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Kuhli loaches in a community tank with shrimp?


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8 hours ago, Cory said:

They'll eat some shrimplets as well. I'm not sure if I've ever seen them eat any eggs, I could see them doing it though. I don't think they'll be hopping out of your aquarium. 

Awesome thinking of getting a few of those fellas I got 4 dwarf chain loaches from Aquahuna and ordered another 4 and a L133 king Tiger pleco lol want to make my 10 gallon a dwarf chain loach only tank til I get 40 gallon up and running @Cory would 8 be safe in a 10 gallon or is it pushing it ? If it is. Would have to do some moving around and add them to my 15 gallon fluval flex and move the apistos to the 10 gallon or the rasboras 

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