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Corydoras Acclimation


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Last night at my local fish meeting I won an auction for 6 corydoras cruziensis and I love them already!

I brought them home and have them in my 10gal glass bare bottom quarantine tank. The tank has been going for awhile, nitrite and ammonia are zero, nitrate is near zero as well.

The thing I battle is high gh, test strip shows 300 but also have a low kh. Ph is around 7.4.

There are a couple live plants in the tank and a co-op sponge filter.

I know I haven't even had them 24hrs but they aren't moving much and don't seem interested in the frozen bloodworms I gave them.

Should I give them another day or two to adjust or start worrying now? Is there something else I should test or try?






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@amr427; Start by raising your water temp to 85 degrees and keep it there in all of your tanks. We must remember that our fish originally came from warm tropical waters and that our fish are cold-blooded creatures. By raising our water temps to 85 degrees, we're helping our fish to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings, we're preventing fish diseases, and we're increasing their metabolism so they'll swim more looking for and eating more food.

Raise your water temps little by little until you reach 85 degrees and your fish will be happy and I'm sure you'll be happy.

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