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Hair algae or staghorn starting ?

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This is in the new 29 gallon, tank has been set up for a month , cycled but still very new. The plants are dealing with some melt but seem to be coming back (just put the scarlet temple in last week the rest were In at startup ) Have been dosing easy green pretty heavy since my nitrates are low ( 3 pumps 3 times a week ) and lights are on for 9 hours. What do yall think ?20211115_205640.jpg.efa314ae49e150d2b62a3c95bf4c6c94.jpg20211115_205649.jpg.fb3939babbd997753ad4040ac6415aae.jpg20211115_205711.jpg.0dd99046ba1c5d80fc46f2e9a7736b2b.jpg

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