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Hi, I'm Gabrielle


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This is my first real aquarium. My first forum. The only thing I "know" about aquariums, I have learned from Cory's videos; so, I will probably be quiet and continue to learn from all of you who have experience. I googled how to post on a forum, so hopefully this ends up ok. I have a twenty gallon tall unheated planted tank, that is home to nine White Cloud Mountain Minnows, six Panda Corys, and one Mystery Snail, ( oh, and one hitchhiker snail, not sure what it is yet, black spot that moves around on its own, came with plants. )  I had a Gold Fish, he died when he was eighteen years old, looking at the empty tank was super sad, and I was just going to give it away, when I found Aquarium Co-Op on Youtube, and so the adventure began. Have a Beautiful Day. 

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