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From fake to live plants

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I'm transitioning from fake plants to live plants in my 10 gallon. I got several types of plants and I'm seeing what grows best in my water and lights. 

Some sort of Amazon Sword, crypt wendtii green, windelov java fern, anubias nana, dwarf sagittaria, a floating piece of water sprite, and a regular java fern I'm seeing if I can bring back to life. (I know some of these will potentially get too big and will be moving them or cull them)

I added one root tab for each of the root feeders and been using Easy green liquid for the water column plants. 

So far I'm seeing growth from the crypt and the anubias. Everything else seems to be too early to tell. 

All water parameters are good. As I predicted I am barely detecting a slight nitrite spike after adding a fish, but I expected that. Nitrates are way up today So I did a water change and its much better. Can the addition of 4 root tabs cause the nitrate spike? Since nitrates jumped from 20ppm yesterday to 60ppm after adding a few plants, should I hold off on the Easy Green Liquid?

I assume that some nutrients from the easy green tabs may leach through the gravel into the water column so I figured I'd hold off for now. All fish seem to be reacting well to the plants and higher levels, but I noticed my khuli loach had some redness around his gills that's what led me to check the levels. He seems to be ok now.

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On 11/12/2021 at 10:39 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

I've used a root tab (not ACO) and though the product claimed not to effect water parameters it TOTALLY did. So I stopped using all of it. Most of what I have is easy grow, my Amazon Sword in my original tank would be taller than the tank if it had room. It takes longer but that's what I get for choosing low tech/no ferts/heaters

I don't think my water is good for plants. Even garden and houseplants do not grow well without ferts for me. I've tried java ferns and other plants in the past and never could get them to live more than a few months. Since I've been using easy green tabs and liquid I have seen some progress. This is the first time I've really put effort into growing aquatic plants so maybe once I get it figured out I may try going without and see how it goes. 

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