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goldfish fry took a ride on some plants into my shrimp bowl


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i havent added anything new to the bowl since i set it up a couple weeks ago so imagine my surprise when i see a single tiny fry chugging along. it is tiny and impossible to photograph cause of the distortion from the bowl. looks like it has been living off of algae and biofilm although i do drop in a couple krill flakes for the shrimp 1-2x a week. 

had to circle him so we could see 😂





its been a while since i bred goldfish so this should be fun to do. it’ll stay in the shrimp bowl till it gets a bit bigger but i will make sure to feed him some fry food in addition to the krill flakes. now im just very curious which of the two goldfish are the mom and dad and what he will look like 🤔

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the last few days have had me going a little crazy. i kept thinking there were two babies in here. sometimes when i’d spot the baby it would like 25% smaller but i wasn’t sure if i was just imagining that. 

today i spent a good 30 minutes camped out front looking for the baby (it hides in the plants a lot) and watching my spider hunt in the terrarium next to the bowl. i glance over at the bowl and finally caught both babies together so i can stop thinking im going crazy now.


maybe there are a couple more surprises coming along

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