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I have a Aqueon 20 HOB filter. I have a piece of sponge in there. Today I added a piece of fine filter pad and the water in the filter rose up and triggered the led light. Does anyone have this issue. I'm afraid to take out the light as I don't want the filter to overflow. Any suggestions?

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The floss restricts flow. With the water rising to the indicator design to detect restrictions because it “thinks” it’s clogged when the water reaches it. I would leave the floss for a day and monitor to be sure it does not overflow to remove the particulates (assuming that’s why you are using it). Then remove the floss. My hob filters floss causes water to flow through the overflow bypass and ends up missing the filter media completely. I’m sorry this isn’t more helpful. I’m following this thread to see what others do. 

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You may use this device to adjust the flow to almost any output level:

Choice Rheostat Soldering Iron Temperature Controller


WFLNHB Variable Speed Controller Fit for Router Fan Electric Motor Rheostat

This will work on most any filter that is a simple pump like yours. Filters with advanced circuitry may not work as it lowers the voltage to the pump to adjust the flow such that the circuits may not have enough voltage for automatic functions. For example this would have limited value on a Fluval FX series as they have timers and automatic features that the circuit governs. It won't hurt the filter, it just would not work properly.

In the case where a filter is literally a pump, like most HOB's, this will adjust the speed to almost any you wish and should you see overflow, simply turn it down. 

Or you may be able to use a light dimmer but they can make movement choppy when adjusted too low as light dimmers distort the house power.  A rheostat will not corrupt the power, it simply reduces it harmlessly and you may set it almost any speed. Just make sure if you set it very low, to try starting it from off to make sure it's on high enough to initiate the flow (inertia). 

I have the one below yours, the Aqueon 10 on a Fluval Chi that the filter had burned out on. I needed something right away and had the Aqueon 10. The Aqueon naturally had far too much flow it blew him all over the tank. With this, I can make it even softer than the original up to full output. 


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