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Thrive C opinions

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So I was interested in getting a new fertilizer and someone suggested Thrive all in one. After visiting the site and looking at all the options I was considering the the Micro and Macro dosing bottles. However I reached out to NilocG and they explained the difference is just for people who want to be perticular in their dosing. I gave him my tank set up and he suggested Thrive C would be best.

My questions are what does non glut carbon mean and is it really the best for me? What are your opinions on Thrive C and is there a better alternative? I have no interest just yet in messing with dry fertilizers but will eventually.

My tank set up is a 29 gallon with a heavy plant load. I'm getting the Fluval 3.0 from Co-op and I'm not running C02. 



  • Frog bit x12
  • Red root floater x 6
  • Lobelia Cardinalis x3
  • Narrow leaf Chain Sword x2 and spreading
  • Spiralis x2
  • Java moss x2
  • Anacharis x6
  • Normal Amazon Sword
  • Flame Amazon Sword
  • Red Melon Sword
  • Bronze Wendtii
  • Green Wendtii
  • Red Wendtii
  • Banana plant
  • Duck weed 
  • Scarlet temple 
  • Anubius nana petite
  • Anubius nana



  • Cardinal Tetras x14
  • Harlequin Rasbora x8
  • Pygmy Corries x8
  • Khuli loaches x6
  • Betta
  • Snails
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