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5$ DIY light


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Thought I'd share my DIY light for my 5g tank.  I wanted to see my rice fish from above so I ditched the lid and made this light instead.  Its growing flame moss and floaters quite well.


I took a couple feet of this [1] (probably <2$ worth) left over from a project and slid a generic ebay "COB" style daytime running light for cars (~$2.50) into the housing.  It came out really well.  I think the light level is just right for what I've got here.  If you turn the voltage up past 12 V (a running car would be close to 14) it gets VERY bring VERY fast too.  If the specs are to be trusted its about 350 lumins (Directed straight down) and 7000k color temperature.




Here's a photo of the light module. 



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