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Anubias: Nana, Bateri, gold coin. What's the difference


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I've been looking into anubias plants to add to my new oyster zone I call The Culverts. 

What is the difference between the species? I can quite tell. I'm mostly looking for size of the plant and leaf size so that I can pick the right one for me. It's a 29 gallon tank and that area is about 12x10 inches. I can probs only fit one on the top of the center pot



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Thank you! I've done some more digging and managed to find some care sheet like things. It seems Barteri might grow a little bigger than I want, but the other's won't grow as big as I'd want, so I'll probably go with the Barteri for the coverage, and trim it more as needed.
It's hard to search for info on plants. You just get a bunch of stores or blogs that just say it's amazing and easy and to use their affiliate link to a store. Even Aquarium Co-op's store mentions the size you can expect on many plants including Nana, but not for the others

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There are LOTS of varieties of Anubias.  Barteri is the largest of what you listed, nana is medium sized.  ‘Golden Coin’ is a specific color form, but tends to be about the same size as nana.  There are many other varieties to be found that are everywhere from about 16” tall (hastifolia with long stems and lovely arrowhead shaped leaves) to about 1/2-1” tall (‘Mini Coin’ with tiny, nearly round leaves but very rare to find in the trade).  ‘Petite’ is fairly easy to find and it’s usually 1-2” tall and ‘Petite Golden’ in a clump is simply adorable and a much more golden color than ‘Golden Coin’ is for me.  A. minima is a great looking plant with very narrow leaves that stay fairly small - 6-8” tall but narrower than many Anubias so they look less “bulky”.

OK, clearly I’m hooked on Anubias (amongst others).  If you start searching for some of the oddballs it will lead you to suppliers that have many, many varieties.  The ‘Mini Coin’ price will shock you (I only found it a couple places), but you can get a similar effect with ‘Petite’ or a somewhat similar effect with pangolin if you decide that’s what you want.  Pretty much all varieties have similar care requirements until you get into the white (or other significantly reduced color) color morphs.  Those need a very careful balance of enough light to keep them alive but not so much they get algae on the leaves)

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