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Fry Fasting Limits: Age, and Length of Time


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I'm moving soon, and will have plenty more questions later. But relevant to the present:

I need to know how old endler and platy fry need to be before they can go a whole week on 1 snack per day. Do you know? I'm guessing 4 weeks old, if well-fed until then.

(This will tell me what to do with fry born between now and moving: Keep, give to a local friend, or give to my angelfish.)

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On 10/1/2021 at 5:23 PM, lefty o said:

people sell and ship tiny guppy fry, if they can make it up to a week in the mail, you can probably keep them alive moving.

Based on this "oh duh" help, I went ahead and separated my grown female endlers from my angelfish. It'll probably result in having more endlers when I arrive at my new home. 🙂 

And if I decide to use endlers to bulk up my angel before the cold weather move, I'll still have plenty that are small enough to give him... considering that I recently realized he was eating my *adult* males. Big-mouthed Chump. 

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