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Gold nugget pleco Sick


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Hello everyone , i bought this gold nugget pleco online about a month ago he is wild caught and about 3 inch's long, He has now been in my 55 gallon for a few weeks and has been doing well until this morning he was pale and covered in white patches and not moving very much ,he is still breathing . ALL water parameters are good and i just did a water change, added an extra air stone  and increased the temperature from 78 to 80. I also put some different veg near him as im not sure if hes eating i have been feeding him algae and carnivore wafers and recently got rapshie soilent green. Any advice would be appreciated Thank you





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  I would recommend adding more protein in to his diet such as frozen blood worms did you treat him for parasites when you got him as he's wild caught it could be over production of the slime coat caused by  external parasites or a dermal fungus  I would recommend treating him with paracleanse in food and ick x for the possible dermal fungus    he's a food recipe for paracleanse


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